Monthly Meeting Bulletins

January 20, 2018 "Ahead" to Basics: Selections
  • Take a refresher on how to make selections in Photoshop...whether you are a beginner or advanced "Photoshopper" you will come away with something new!
February 2018 Expert Compositing with Dennis Dunbar
  • Learn the tools and skills to create a killer composite image for your next project: a morning with Dennis Dunbar.
March 17. 2018 Work Mode with Amy Cantrell
  • Amy will take you through the concepts and practices of setting up your client shot when you only have one light to work with.
April 21m 2018

Working with Type with John Doyle

  • Take your design or photography to the next level with professional techniques in typography. These tips and tricks will give you the edge over the competition!
May 19, 2018 Learn how to combine images, video and speech to create a story with Erin Manning
June 16, 2018

Deep dive into Lightroom with Michael Pliskin

July 2018

No meeting

August 18, 2018

Two light Photography with Amy Cantrell

September 15, 2018

To calibrate or not to calibrate? No question...Caiibrate! with Lynette Kent

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