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Photoshop Cafe

Colin Smith of Photoshop Cafe gives us a 30% discount on all the training at Photoshop Cafe. Receive a free one hour Lightroom 2.0 video showing "all the new stuff" when you buy his Lightroom 1.3 training video.

Check out all the training videos at
USE THE CODE: PSCATX8 for the 30% discount:

Maverick Labels
Custom labels: short run and quick turn around available at
Red River Paper
Specialty papers for InkJet printing
ATX gets special pricing at Mindshift with our ATX code:
Go to ThinkTankPhoto and inset this special code number in the "Affiliate Code" box in the shopping cart:


The Adobe Technology Xchange is a not-for-proft educational forum for graphic designers, photographers, fine artists, multmedia creators, and television and film artists.


The Premier User Group in Los Angeles for Continuing Education in Adobe Technology.